A Dynamic Cross-Promotion Platform for Telegram Messenger
Meet the client
  • Name: ERZY
  • Location: Georgia
  • Industry: Startup, Marketing and Social Media
  • Website:
Finished in August 2022
  • Next.js
  • Strapi
  • Nest.js
  • GitLab
  • RabbitMQ
  • Telegram SDK
Project goals

ERZY, an innovative marketing startup from Georgia, envisioned a platform for seamless cross-promotion within Telegram Messenger. Our mission was to create a user-friendly solution that allowed channel admins to connect and exchange subscribers with channels sharing similar target audiences.

  • Integrating a bot with a web application for smooth functionality
Solutions and Achievements

We tackled the challenges head-on and achieved the following milestones:

  1. Crafted a Telegram bot enabling channel admins to organize and manage cross-promotions with like-minded channels.
  2. Designed an intuitive dashboard for overseeing cross-promotion events outside the messenger.
  3. Incorporated custom date and time picker features for scheduling cross-promotions within both the web app and messenger.
  4. Built a bridge between legacy and new databases to ensure a seamless experience for users of the first application version.

The cross-promotion platform offers ERZY's customers:

  1. Effortless integration with Telegram Messenger for managing cross-promotions.
  2. A visually appealing dashboard for handling cross-promotions beyond the messenger.
  3. Customizable date and time pickers for scheduling events within the web app and messenger.
  4. Backward compatibility with prior application versions, providing a smooth transition for existing users.

We successfully delivered a feature-rich web application, complete with an advanced date and time picker, which synchronized data with the Telegram bot. This enabled channel admins to create events, manage cross-promotions, and exchange users between channels effectively. Pinely is dedicated to devising ingenious solutions that exceed clients' expectations.

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