Streamlining Event Management with a Discord Bot and Google Calendar Integration
Meet the client
  • Location: Canada
  • Industry: Startup, Social Media
  • Website:
  • Client: Austin Rikley-Krindle, Entrepreneur
Finished in July 2022
  • Frontend: Next.js, TailwindCSS, Stripe, Auth0, LinkMink
  • Backend: Express.js, AWS (DynamoDB, Elastic Beanstalk, Route 53), Discord API, Microsoft Outlook API, Google Calendar API
Project goals

Austin sought to develop an innovative Discord bot and landing page capable of effortlessly converting Discord events into Google Calendar entries. Our goal was to create a highly efficient, user-friendly solution that simplifies event management for Discord channel administrators.

  • Crafting a Discord bot and a matching landing page for seamless event management

Solutions and Achievements

Our dedicated team successfully:

  1. Engineered a bot to gather all events from users' Discord servers.
  2. Seamlessly connected the bot to Google Calendar, automating calendar creation and event addition.
  3. Devised a unique user account creation process, enabling account creation after payment confirmation via Stripe.

Features offers clients:

  1. Efficient event collection from users' Discord servers, thanks to the bot.
  2. A hassle-free connection to Google Calendar, generating a dedicated calendar and importing events.
  3. A frictionless user account creation process post-payment, enhancing the overall customer experience.


By implementing a webhook, we revolutionized the user journey. Eliminating the need for account creation before payment, Austin's customers now enjoy a more seamless experience. They can explore the product on the landing page, complete payment, and automatically gain access to their new account.

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