Stream Digital Signage

Order Confirmation Board Solution
Meet the client
  • React
  • Tauri
  • Rust
  • AWS
  • NodeJS
  • Cargo
  • NestJS
  • Socket.IO
Project goals

Stream Digital Signage needed an easy-to-use solution for displaying order confirmations from various POS systems. Our mission was to develop the Order Confirmation Board (OCB) application—a flexible and intuitive tool tailored to Stream's requirements.

  • Integrating the desired POS systems without documentation
  • Learning a new programming language for development
  • Dealing with slow response times from the end customer (not Stream)
Solutions and Achievements

We tackled the obstacles and accomplished the following:

  1. Developed a video input feature to capture screen feeds using a specialized device.
  2. Integrated non-cloud NCR POS and complex desktop QSR POS systems smoothly.
  3. Created an adjustable screen cropper for selecting specific screen feed areas, ensuring precision with key controls.
  4. Designed a customizable order confirmation display screen.
  5. Enabled the OCB app to gather data from one or multiple POS systems simultaneously.
  6. Ensured instant data display from POS systems within the OCB app.


The OCB application offers Stream Digital Signage customers:

  1. A user-friendly order confirmation display solution compatible with various POS systems.
  2. Effortless capturing and displaying of specific screen feed areas.
  3. Customizable order confirmation screens to match each business's unique needs.
  4. Real-time data integration and display from multiple POS systems.


Pinely commits to overcoming challenges and delivering top-notch, customized solutions that exceed our clients' expectations, as showcased in this case study.

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